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Finding suitable modest swimwear that respects Islamic principals has now become a thing of the past for modern Muslim women.

The swimsuits previously available on the market were not designed for the Muslim women as they either allowed skin to show or were unpractical for swimming. The quote below which was published in the National Geographical News aptly describes how uncomfortable the swimwear designed for Muslimahs used to be, “As an active Muslim girl I found it difficult to participate in most sports because of all the excess clothes we were wearing. Also, the veil was very unpractical when playing sports”.

In a market that was relatively untouched by major sports brands, smaller companies redesigned appropriate bathing suits for Islamic women. They saw a great potential and design need in the market of swimwear for Muslim females. Only a few companies Worldwide are offering suitable modest swimwear.

The companies responsible for designing this product conducted extensive market research and held talks with many Muslim women to assist in the creation of high specification requirements for the design of the swimsuits. However, only a couple managed to create a modest, comfortable swimsuit that looks great and that most importantly, lets women swim with confidence, safe in the knowledge that they are respecting their Islamic beliefs.

The leading products on the market achieved this result by removing all the excess fabric that the previous swimwear provided like the veil, trousers and skirts and by incorporating everything into two main pieces of clothing: trousers and a matching long shirt with a hijab that serves as a close-fitting headpiece, which lays firmly on the head without slipping. These particular models are made of a high quality Polyester fabric which is water-repellent, Chlorine resistant, and also provides protection from ultraviolet rays. The advantage of using a Polyester material is that it has low water absorbency, dries fast and ensures complete stretch in all directions leading to total comfort whilst swimming or participating in aqua-sports activities.

The new Muslim swimwear collections available cater for all types of women and there is a wide selection to suit all tastes; floral, sporty, simple and sophisticated.

The availability of these new swimming costumes has solved the main concerns of Muslim women because they can now follow Islamic values and be comfortable when participating in water activities. Muslim women are now able to participate in water sports and compete in swimming events because of the wide range of suitable Islamic swimwear available to them. Women who prefer to limit their exposure to the sun are also turning to modest swimwear which is a clear sign that this product is not just being used by the Muslim population.

Having said all of this, the designers of these swimming costumes are not just being thanked by all Muslim women for introducing such a wonderful product into the market, but the big players are now looking to promote these products, especially those that are showing a very good hold on the Muslim swimwear market.

Taylor of Azizah Magazine says, “In another 15 years there’s going to be a sizable Muslim consumer market and lots of demand. I think we are where the Hispanic market was 20 years ago and today the Hispanic market is now a big consumer market.”

Arun Jain, a marketing professor at the University of Buffalo in New York State agrees and states that given the growth potential of the Muslim community in the United States, major sportswear manufacturers could be missing out on an opportunity to break into an emerging market. Furthermore, the market includes more than just Muslim women, as increasing numbers of western women comprising of Christians, Jews and other religious beliefs, do not feel the need to show off their bodies and are striving to be modest.

Time for Muslim women to enjoy aqua sports

Entering the water on the beach is a matter of caution for Muslim women, not because they are afraid of water or any other reason on parallel lines but because of the lack of right swimwear which follows the Islamic tradition.
Islamic tradition needs the women to be covered from head to toe and only face, hands and feet can be shown. Designing a swimwear which follows the Islamic tradition and is comfortable is not only a challenge but a task next to impossible. But, Oliver Momeni took up this challenge and has gifted the women of the world with a swim wear named Bodykini. Oliver Momeni has solved the puzzle and has come out with a terrific modest comfortable swimwear designed especially for the Muslim and Islamic women.
Most of the swimsuits in the market targeted for the Muslimahs have a problem of clinging to the body when the women come out of the pool. But, with bodykini, the fabric dries so fast that you encounter no such problem. Along with this the design incorporates a “four-way” stretch which ensures maximum comfort.
Talking about the design, Bodykini swimwear is a two piece swimsuit which comprises of a shirt with an attached headpiece and a separate pant. The swimwear covers the entire body exposing only the face, hands and feet. The fabric used to stitch the swimming suit is a high quality water-repellent fabric that is not only resistant to Chlorine/Salt water but also provides a protection from the ultraviolet rays.
The swimwear comes with few features. The first feature is the two elastic bands that are attached at the inside of the pants that get buttoned to the inside of the suit. This feature prevents the suit from floating in case the swimmer jumps with her “Feet first”. The second feature is the small pocket with a zipper in the pants; ideal for keeping small items like keys.
Along with all these features you have a variety to choose from. Bodykini comes in 2 colors with a modest design on them, designed just for you.
With so many features and a modest affordable price no wonder we hear sentences such as “The Bodykini has changed my life” so often.

Bodykini, the answer to the harmful rays of the sun

With the summer round the corner each women wants to get inside the swimming pool. Who does not want to perform scuba diving and other aqua sports? But, with the strong rays of sun scorning the skin the question is how do you enjoy the pool activities?
Protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun and the harmful chemicals in water contacting your body by using the new product in the swimwear industry, Bodykini.
Bodykini has been designed by Oliver Momeni. Oliver Momeni crafted the Bodykini after a deep research and by tactful strategic design needs of modern age modest women and Muslim women.
Till date we have felt that as Bodykini has been designed for Muslimahs it is meant for use only for the Muslim women but that’s not true. Bodykini is a modest swimwear designed to enhance the performance in aqua sports. Along with providing a comfortable design to enjoy the sports, bodykini provides protection against the harmful rays of sun.
Bodykini Swimwear is a two piece swimsuit, a shirt with an attached headpiece and a separate pant. The swimwear is designed not to reveal any body part and covers the body from head to toe. The suit is available in two colors: Black suit with Pink stripes and Brown suit with Orange stripes. The fabric used to make the swimming suit is a high quality water-repellent material that is not only highly Chlorine/Salt water resistant but also provides an ultraviolet rays protection factor of +50 that blocks the harmful rays of sun. The use of such a fabric does not make the garment cling to your body when you come out of the water.
With the environmental changes happening so fast and the harmful rays of the sun leading to diseases like skin cancer, it becomes more important to protect you while performing the aquatic sports. Bodykini provides the right protection to your skin.
Most of the products available in the market provide comfort at the cost of exposing body or provide protection to your skin but at the cost of comfortable swimming experience. Bodykini provides both without any tradeoff. Bodykini covers the complete body and exposes only the face, hands and feet giving women confidence and brings out the modesty in them.
So, fight back the harmful rays of sun, unleash your modesty, get active in your lifestyle in a modest trendy way and most importantly do all this without any tradeoff, do it with Bodykini. The swimwear each and every woman must have.


“The Bodykini has changed my life!”

Bodykini Beachball

We spent our summer holiday 2007 in Spain , what a beautiful country we will definitely go back in future,we first stayed one week in Madrid and 2 weeks in Marbella.

The entire family enjoyed very much exploring the city and little towns around Madrid.
After one week we made our way down from Madrid to Marbella by car passing threw all the small towns and pueblos.
On the way we stopped one night in Granada. What really impressed us all was the Alhambra Palace(in Granada) .
Its beautiful gardens stand out with their abundant and varied flora and stunning water features.

During our two week stay in Marbella we went and also visited the major (must see) towns and cities in Andalucía.
(Seville, Cordoba, Ronda, Nerja , Malaga and Cadiz ).

But I am not writing you this because I want to tell you about our holiday, I am posting this because I have found something that I always have wished for but never found.
Before we went on this year’s holiday, my teen aged daughter and I have searched the web for Islamic swimwear. We found a few web sites based in Australia, United States and Turkey that offer Muslim swimwear, but unfortunately none of them came in question.
The patterns, prints and cuts just did not meet up with our taste.

Behalf of the designs they looked cheaply made, most of them where quit ugly and some even more expensive than the “Bodykini”.There has not been any Islamic swimming suit on the market which I have tried , that allows me to actually swim and not go under or having the fear of loosing the headpiece that comes along with the suit.

Some of my friends that go for a swim improvise with a shirt, hijab (Headpiece) and some training pants made out of polyester. For me that doesn’t look like a swimming suit and it just does not seem really practical either.
I have tried a few modest swimming suits but honestly I gave up a log time ago. Finding a proper Islamic swimming suit was never been easy,which in return also means that I have not been swimming since years!

So once again we both came to the conclusion that also this holiday we will not go swimming with our family. But everything has changed since my daughter and I walked in to the beach house of our holiday resort: “Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort”.
We both saw the doll at the same time once we entered the beach house shop, the doll was dressed with a so called “Bodykini”, a small sign indicated:
“Bodykini Modest Swimwear for the Islamic women”

We looked at each other and we where both speechless we could not believe our eyes. I already saw how she was imagining herself playing again in the pool with her younger brother and I could finally join them.

Of course we both immediately tried the “Bodykini” on and Alhamdullah, the suits looked perfect, colors and design where just right!!!!
The “Bodykini” comes in two pieces, a loose fitting shirt with a attached headpiece that fits tight around the face and a loose fitting pants. The suit comes also with a genius invention. Two Elastic Bands that are attached to the pants get buttoned to the inside of the shirt.
They implemented this function to prevent the suit from floating up, in case you should jump in the water with your “Feet first”

For more detailed features go to the “Bodykini”(Detail page).
We both chose the suit in Black with Pink stripes. My daughter did not want to take off her “Bodykini”, she said she could not wait to get in the pool with the rest of the family.

We than joined the family at the pool and everybody was impressed, my husband was very happy for us.Meanwhile I have told many friends about the “Bodykini” and they also have ordered themselves one and are also very satisfied.Some of us now meet once a week and participate at Aqua Aerobic lessons.

Thanks to the “Bodykini” I can now swim with my children and still feel and be modest.
I have to say that this suit has really changed my life. Since I go to my Aqua Aerobic lessons
(My new hobby), I feel healthier,fitter and I am more active. I only now, need to convince my husband that we need a pool in our backyard.If you are looking for a Islamic Swimsuit, the “Bodykini” is from all the other swimsuits I have ever tried so far, the one and only suit that I highly recommend.

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